The Jane Street Garden now open weekends through October 31

The Jane Street Garden, at the corner of 8th Avenue, is open Saturdays and Sundays 9:00 AM till dusk through October.  A Membership is also available; annual dues are $25. All members receive the opportunity to be involved in the garden, voting privileges at the annual meeting, and extended garden access. For further information, phone the West Village Committee at  (646) 547-1126 or email

Update on the new garden for Jane Street at the West Side Highway:

The fence is now installed and planting starts in late August 2019

The Triangle at Jane/W.4th/8th Avenue 

Pictured, bottom right: Corey Johnson; Susan Sipos and Barry Benepe of the West Village Committee; Paula Feddersen, JSBA Chair Emeritus; Kate Bostock, JSBA Chair; and Michael Talbot, President of the WVC.

We are enormously grateful to our neighbors who donated to the fence project and to our fiscal sponsor Greenbelow14 for enabling donations to be tax-deductible. The fence needs a few final tweaks and New York State Dept of Transportation has promised us a spring 2019 planting and maintenance of the area going forward. Please reach out to us with any questions or comments. 

Pictured, above : Jane Street volunteers digging in compost in October, 2018

The trees of Jane Street are maintained by the JSBA through a contract with Bartlett Tree Experts. Work, including feeding and pruning, is performed once or twice annually depending on tree condition. Tree maintenance is supported solely by JSBA dues and donations to the Tree Fund.  For more about street trees, contact NYC Parks.​

Our trees

A celebration of the new  Jane Street Garden Fence, December 2018​

Speakers included New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, who provided funding for the fence; Brad Hoylman, our State Senator; Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President; and Carter Booth, the new president of Community Board 2. Pictured, top right: Brad Hoylman, Kate Bostock, Gale Brewer, and Corey Johnson. Attendees included members of the West Village Committee, which oversees the garden; and officers of the JSBA.  Pictured, photo at top right: Brad Hoylman, Kate Bostock, Gale Brewer, and Corey Johnson.

Planning, permitting and construction for the new fence took several years and a lot of hard work from many people and city agencies; it was a grassroots labor of love.  Jane Street's many friends, local and political, turned out to celebrate! 

Above, a rendering of renovation plans for the long-neglected park that runs along West Street between Jane and Horatio. It is the newest responsibility of the JSBA, along with the Triangle Garden at the junction of 8th Avenue and West 4th Street (see below). We now also maintain additional trees and tree pits on Hudson Street between Horatio and 12th Street.

In 2017, the JSBA took over maintenance of the "triangle garden" at the junction Jane, W.  4th Street, and 8th Avenue. We contract with the Horticultural Society of New York, "The Hort," which performs twice-monthly maintenance from spring through late fall. The work is supported solely by JSBA dues and donations. Please click here for more information about the inspiring work of The Hort.