Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) reach out to residents and business owners while on patrol, attend community meetings, and visit schools and houses of worship.  As adjuncts to the detective squads, NCOs can quickly respond to developing incidents. NCOs also participate in NYPD's local Build the Block meetings, a chance to zoom or meet with NYPD officers and other city departments to discuss local issues. @JSBANYC will tweet about upcoming meetings, which are also announced via this NYPD site. The 6th Precinct has four sectors. Jane Street is covered by Sector B (West of Hudson) and Sector D (East of Hudson. An updated list of our NCOs is here


Our Community Board 2 (CB2) holds monthly meetings about many local issues (currently via zoom). A CB2 hearing is the first step for any club or restaurant applying for a new or renewing liquor or beer/wine license. CB2 sends its recommendation to the State Liquor Authority (SLA), which grants or denies the application, commonly known as an "SLA app."

CB2 hearings are the neighborhood's chance to negotiate with applicants about issues that can impact our quality of life: late-night hours, rooftop dining, DJs, rope lines, promoted events, and music volume. The monthly calendar of all committee meetings is updated on CB2's website calendar page. The co-chairs of CB2's  SLA Committee are Robert Ely  and Donna Raftery.  SLA Applicants are encouraged to meet with community members before a hearing date. Contact us to join the mailing list of residents who attend these meetings, all currently via zoom.

​​If you are affected by late-night activity of any kind,

it is important to document the issue by calling 311, or going online to 311

A special unit of the NY Police Department

— Neighborhood Coordination Officers — 

includes four officers for Jane Street. You can contact them directly for any kind of (non-emergency) issue.

Preservation issues in our historic district

Our neighborhood is part of the Greenwich Village Historic District, established 50 years ago  to provide guidelines for building renovation and new builds. A leading advocate, Village Preservation, frequently testifies before NYC's Landmarks Preservation Commission, the body that reviews building applications. Village Preservation also offers cultural programming and archival resources. ​

​More about the Landmarks process: 

Landmarking 101 - What Can They Do Here?
Landmarks Wouldn't Allow That Would They?

How to report a possible Landmarks violation

The Greenwich Village Historic District Designation Report 1969

Additional Historic District Reports and Maps

NYPD Neighborhood Outreach Programs — Historic Preservation — 

Issues with Clubs and Restaurants 

Late-night noise from a local club or restaurant?

Call 311 or go online to 311 to report it.

Just as important, help the JSBA monitor local applications for liquor licenses by sending emails to or attending the meetings of our Community Board 2, which hears license applications.​