​​​​​11-19 Jane

On February 14th, 2017, the latest proposal was approved by the  Landmarks Preservation Commission. The history of the existing two-story garage is here, courtesy of the GVSHP, which testified  against the design, pictured below.  Additional info from Curbed.

Pictured: the two 90' towers of the original proposal 

Preservation Updates

To read more about the Landmarks process in general please visit: 
Landmarking 101 - What Can They Do Here?
Landmarks Wouldn't Allow That Would They?

Why Jane Street monitors local applications for liquor licenses

New bars, clubs, restaurants, and establishments under new management, are required to apply for a liquor or beer-and-wine license from the State Liquor Authority (SLA). Part of the process is a hearing before Community Board 2's SLA Licensing Committee, which encourages applicants to meet with local residents. These meetings are the neighborhood's opportunity to weigh in on applicants' requests for early-morning closing hours. Other factors that can have an adverse affect on our quality of life: late-night music on rooftops or in gardens, "red ropes," multiple TVs, DJs, bottle service, and promoted events.

Quality of Life Updates

A new bar on West 12th Street

The JSBA, WVRA, and other neighbors met  with the owner of Bar Veloce, who was applying for a weekend closing of 3AM for his fifth location. The site is 328 West 12th Street at the corner of Greenwich Street. Thanks to neighborhood efforts, the bar is now applying for a beer and wine license (not a full liquor license) and has set earlier closing hours.  There is still neighborhood concern about the bar's request for open windows. Neighbors have already negotiated terms on DJs, live music, promoted events, a waiting area for patrons, and any future application for a full liquor license or a sidewalk café.  

A MePa venue requesting live music

and nightly closing of 4AM

On August 10th, CB2 heard an application for a 206-seat restaurant at 33 9th Avenue. Proposed closing hours were 4AM nightly with live music permitted. The owner is the Butter Group, owners of nightclubs 1 Oak and

Up&Down, longtime sources of quality-of-life complaints.

The JSBA and other neighborhood residents attended the hearing to  voice concerns, which will be considered at CB2's full board meeting in September. 

Please join your neighbors in expressing any concerns about applications for liquor licenses...and/or attend meetings

CB2's monthly calendar of all committee meetings is updated on its website. The co-chairs of CB2's  State Liquor Authority Committee are  Robert Ely  and Carter Booth.  Applicants are encouraged to meet with neighbors before their hearing date. Contact us to join the mailing list of residents who meet with local restaurant/bar owners. ​

​A beer-and-wine license was approved for Restoration Hardware, a five-story, 70,000-square-foot showroom with a rooftop restaurant and terrace at 9 Ninth Avenue 

Restoration Hardware (RH) applied for a liquor license to cover all 70,000 square feet of its new five-story furniture showroom, including  its rooftop restaurant and terrace. Community Board 2 denied the application and RH requested a hearing before the State Liquor Authority (SLA),  July 12. The SLA approved the application -- but with important stipulations negotiated by the community. They include: sound testing for music levels on the outdoor terrace, closed windows on the first four floors, and restrictions on the number of private events permitted to occupy the entire building.

​If you are affected by late-night activity of any kind, it is important to lodge a complaint by calling 311, or going online to 311

85 Jane

Scaled-back plans for 85 Jane Street were approved by the Landmarks Preservation Committee (LPC) on Oct 11, 2016 and no longer include two 90-foot towers.  Details

of the new proposal are here. The history

of the original proposal's 90-foot towers is

on the GVSHP site here.