NEW! It's easy to safely dispose of unwanted medication at the nearby  Lenox Health Center, open 24/7.  There's a permanent, secure "postbox"  for pills in the lobby of the Emergency entrance on 7th Avenue at 12th Street. 

Resources for Jane Streeters 

District 3's City Councilman Corey Johnson (now Speaker of the NYC Council) at 2016's Jane Street Sale. Corey is pictured with JSBA officers (from left) Kate Bostock, Marianne Nebel, and Cynthia Penney

​​​​Click Here to File a Complaint About Rats 

Click here for NYC's Rat Information Portal (RIP) for information about specific buildings, associated violations and status of violations and for more general information on rats and resources for help 

NYC Police Department 6th Precinct  233 West 10th Street, 212-741-4811

For information about the care of street trees, to report a tree hazard or to request a new tree, contact NYC Parks.

Community Board No. 2 Calendar

Many local issues, including Parks, Traffic, and Quality of Life, are addressed by the committees of CB2, our volunteer Community Board, which meets monthly. Among the many issues CB2 addresses are new or renewing liquor licenses, sidewalk restaurant seating, street traffic, and capital improvements to our Parks. Other hearings cover building work (including restoration), all of which is reviewed for historical appropriateness, because Jane Street lies within the Greenwich Village Historic District.

Compost collection & textile recycling at the Abingdon Square Park GrowNYC Greenmarket Saturdays year-round from 8 AM to 1 PM.

Other City Agencies can be reached by calling 311 or visiting the 311 website