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​​Current Officers

Kate Bostock, Chair & Treasurer
Marianne Nebel, Programming

Cynthia Penney, Secretary

Ginny Syron, Membership

Elaine Young, a longtime officer of the JSBA, died in 2018 and is dearly missed. 

Former Officers

Paula Feddersen
Joan Kenney
Jo Hamilton
Barbara Gillen
Michael Mahew
Joyce Healy

Peg Scheer

Elaine Young
And thanks to Miriam Sarzin for many years of newsletters!

Can you spot one big difference ... trees! 

Read about the early days of the JSBA in this Times article from May 2, 1972

A Note from Paula Feddersen,

JSBA Chair Emeritus​

Secondly, I want to ask you all, members, neighbors and friends, to continue to carry on the work with Kate, Marianne and Cynthia - competent people who care deeply about our community and will advocate on behalf of your interests.  That's all for now, I'll be seeing you around the block.

Your neighbor, 

About the JSBA  

After many years of effort and fun, I'm turning over the reins and stepping back from the responsibilities of the Jane Street Block Association. I want to take this opportunity, first, to thank all the people who over the years have worked so hard keeping us in the forefront of the community. 

The Jane Street Block Association was founded in 1970 and incorporated as a 501❨c❩4 in 1980. We are a grassroots, all-volunteer organization of neighbors working to preserve and enhance community engagement and quality of life.  In addition, the JSBA pays for

- care of our street trees, with bulb planting in the tree pits each fall.

- the new West Street Park, where planting begins in late summer

- the two planted "triangles" on 8th between Jane and West 4th.

We also assist in the stewardship of the Jane Street Garden.  We organize two annual fund-raising community events  to support our goals. Our budget comes solely from dues and donations. Please join us and subscribe to our newsletter.