Our annual Bagels & Bulbs event is on track for October 2020.

Watch this space - and our tweets - for the date.

This year, due to covid, there will be bulbs only (no bagels), and of course social distancing. We'll supply tools and bulbs — you bring your masks.

Our goal remains the same: planting 800 bulbs in the tree pits that rim the Jane Street garden for a gorgeous display in spring 2021.

Details and photos from last year are here

Thank you to everyone who donated their time and money to make the West Street Park a reality. A special thank you to the NYSDOT for designing and installing the plants along this formerly barren stretch along the highway between Jane and Horatio. Come see for yourself! 

Visit the West Street Park between Jane and Horatio Streets

Welcome to Jane Street!

Building Community and Preserving Quality of Life

Maintaining Jane Street's Quality of Life

We remain vigilant about​ bars and lounges requesting late closings — as late as 4 am —  as part of their application for a liquor license. These applications require neighborhood outreach before being heard by Community Board 2, now conducting virtual hearings. Please join us in reviewing and commenting on these applications, to ensure that late-night hours, noise, patrons and traffic do not affect our quality of life. If you have an issue with an already established business, please email us and also contact our NCOs (Neighborhood Community Officers). CB2's monthly calendar of hearings is published online. Please get in touch if you'd like to join us (even if it is for just one meeting). More details on our local issues page.